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Our Story

In the Beginning.

Without any real knowledge on how to run a business we embarked on a journey that was full of lessons. We learned very quickly that knowing the technical aspects of cabinetry was not enough. It took us over seven months to secure the small business loan that we applied for to purchase the equipment and get things started and we were only approved for roughly 1/2 of what we were after, leaving us with literally no cash flow to get started. 

Danny and Adam started out their woodworking careers in middle school. Woodshop class was where they fell in love with wood. After working with some amazing cabinet/woodworking companies here in town (including Wilding Wallbeds and Riverwoods Mill), they separately moved to Northern Utah to further their education and woodworking experience.


While living in Centerville, Adam's father was trying to persuade him to move back home and buy a cabinet shop that was closing up. Fearing the large undertaking that would be, he didn't give the idea much thought. However, after graduating from the University of Utah, and looking for a career opportunity for over a year, the cabinet shop started to sound like a worthy challenge.


One Sunday, in September of 2013, Adam sent a text to Danny that said, "Do you want to move back to Saint George with me and open a cabinet shop?" Danny's response was simply, "Yep".​​

Our New Adventure.

From the very beginning people doubted us. Friends and family alike told us that partnerships were destined to fail, especially between two best friends. We both left homes and lives that were pretty great to come down here and have the chance to make something even better for ourselves. It was scary.​

Between the two of us we have over 17 years of professional woodworking experience with some of the best companies in the state. We naturally felt very confident and comfortable in this field but didn’t know quite know how to run a business. Needless to say, we struggled to get things started. It took us six months to get approved for a small business loan and as it turned out, it was only enough to pay for the machinery. We had nothing left to take home to our families. We literally started with nothing but hopes and dreams.

Once we finally got our loan, we immediately got to work. We went in and cleaned up the many years worth of clutter that was sitting in the shop. After three dumpsters full and two trailer loads of garbage, we were ready to build some cabinets. In the beginning we built and made anything and everything from tiny knick knacks to custom furniture. Our family was a big help, letting us build for them and finding us work. One day a family member got us in on a small job at an office building and KWelch Construction happened to be contracting the job. He was impressed with our work and started giving us custom homes to work on! Just like that, our business began to grow and an incredible rate.

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