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Terms & Conditions


Bid Inclusions and Exclusions.




Due to the custom nature of hoods they are priced separately based on the type and species of hood. YOUR BID MAY NOT INCLUDE A HOOD PRICE unless specifically mentioned. Our paint grade hood prices START at $1,900 for a square style hood, $2,690 for an angled style hood and $3,400 for a curved hood. Custom hardwood hoods will incur the additional costs of the species chosen. The price of the hood will be determined when the final hood design is signed off with the client/contractor.




Your bid has a built in handle allowance. We will alter your final pricing based on the handle you chose. We require the handle choice to be made during the design meetings. We have access to any handles that you have access to and most likely can get them at a better price. We charge a very minimal price to install the handles. We install the handles in house to save time on your install and final product in your home. 


If the client, contractor or designer insists on ordering their own handles the process will go as follows:

  • We will eliminate our handle allowance from your bid.

  • We will not install any handles purchased by the homeowner or contractor. 




No sinks or appliances are included in our bids. We currently do not supply these items.

The bid does not include Cabinet style appliance panels unless specifically requested. The price of appliance panels will be added if and when appliance specs are delivered to Prestige Woodworks.



Wood Tops


Unless specifically mentioned in the bid details, wood tops are not included. Please request any that you would like. 




Due to the integral part that cabinets play in the planning of the home we require a deposit and your cooperation as early in the building process as possible. We require a 50% deposit for all cabinet projects. Jobs will not be added to our calendar until deposit has been made. 


The remaining 50% will be broken down as follows: 

  • 40% due upon manufacturing completion.

  • 10% due upon install.

  • Final invoices including things such as change orders and damages will be due upon project completion.


If any portion of payment is withheld we reserve the right to place a lien on the home. If legal help is required the client/contractor will be liable for all legal costs.


Design Meetings


We understand that there are a lot of decisions to be made so we try to break things up for you into a couple design meetings. 


The first design meeting will cover the basic nuts and bolts of things such as: general scope of work, appliance and sink locations and types, any custom electrical work that might be wanted to function with your cabinets and finally and changes that could be made to your home to make things work better. 


During the final design meeting we will make sure we wrap up all the finer details such as color, handles, styles and fun tricks. 


In our office we do have handles, paint and stain samples that you can come look at any time to get ideas. We are also willing to make you small samples of anything we have here in the office to take home! Obviously it takes a minute to get them made but we can usually have them done within a day or so. 



Design Info and Disclaimers


Color Choices


We only provide paint and stain samples after the customer has finalized their choices on colors. When final color decisions have been made and given to us we will then make final samples with our product to be viewed and signed off by the customer. If the customer has a certain stain or paint color in mind but does not have a paint name or code, we require a physical sample to match. If any paint color choice is changed after we have ordered a match we will charge a $200 fee to cover the cost of the materials.


Stain Variation


All wood is natural and unique. There will be natural highs and lows and grain variations in all hardwoods. The stain sample that we provide will be a general representation of the overall color. Variances due to wood must be accepted as the natural beauty. Variance in “rustic” grade material will be much greater than other woods. 


Paint Variation


Solid colors have the possibility of slight variations. The sample we provide will be a general representation of the overall color. Up to a 10% variation must be tolerated and accepted. You will find this disclaimer in all paint companies such as sherwin williams, benjamin moore etc.


Appliance Specs and Countertop Info


We require finalized appliance specs, countertop info and contact information for each to be delivered at or before the final design meeting. It is impossible for us to create a realistic representation of your kitchen without the proper information. We will not measure or mark the home without proper finalized appliance specs. We will not proceed to manufacturing without the proper appliance specs. 


Sink types


Our sink bases are designed to fit standard sized sinks per the rooms that they are located in. Please check to make sure your sink selections will fit in the cabinets/areas that they are designated for. It is up to the contractor/homeowner to make sure the chosen sinks will fit in the cabinets. We will not be held liable if your sink does not fit our cabinet. If any sink base needs to be adjusted to fit a larger sink please notify us during the bidding stages so that we can effortlessly make the changes needed. 


If a farmhouse sink of any kind is to be used we will need specs before or during the final design meeting. We also require that the farmhouse sink be ordered by this meeting and delivered directly to Prestige Woodworks so that we can custom fit the sink into the cabinet. Although the sink may come with specs and claim that they are square this is never the case. Without a custom fit cabinet they will look poor.


Change Orders


To avoid prolonging the construction process we will not allow changes to be made after the final design meeting. If a change is required, all of the following will be charged:

  • $100 change order fee

  • Cost of materials or changed items

  • Labor ($50 per hour) to perform change order


Field Measurements


Center Marks


We offer the service of a special trip to your project to mark centers on any sinks, appliances and any other necessary items to help streamline the construction process. This will help plumbers and electricians get their work done quickly and keep them from having to move outlets and plumbing. We can also request any framing changes needed at this point and allow the framers sufficient time to make those changes. We require one design meeting before this step to ensure that the information we will be marking in the home will be accurate. We also require at least one weeks notice to schedule our trip to the project site. All marks will be made based on the info 


Final Measurements


Please schedule with us at least one week in advance to measure the home. We require all necessary framing for our final measurements to be completed before our arrival. If framing is not complete and we are asked to come measure again for the sake of other trades we will charge a return trip fee of $300 each time we are required to return to the site to gather and disseminate the remaining information.


Once final measurements have been taken we will email our notes to the client/contractor. We do not require the client/contractor to take the same measurements we have taken. We do require approval for the notes on our measurements. This will help us avoid mistakes such as soffits being added or framing changes being made post final measurement. Any changes made after the final design meeting will be charged as change orders.



General Measurement Disclaimer


All center marks and dimensional drawings posted and drawn by Prestige Woodworks are reflective of the current state of the home, the design chosen by the customer/contractor and the appliance and information provided by the customer/contractor at the time of the measurements. Any changes made to the house itself, the design or the information provided will in fact alter the dimensions we have provided. We will not be held liable for any changes that are made that affect other trades. It will be the obligation of the customer or contractor to communicate these changes to the other trades involved. These changes can include but are not limited to: 

  • customer/contractor changing appliances

  • walls changed or adjusted

  • windows, doors or other items that could restrict or alter the cabinet layout changed, adjusted or moved

  • Plumbing such as toilets and tubs being moved or altered

  • Soffits added after measurements are posted


Missing Information Disclaimer


If we are called out to a jobsite to measure and mark the project and there are any cabinet restrictive elements missing from the home we will not be held liable for this missing or incorrect information. This missing information can and will alter the cabinet layout which will in turn alter the plumbing, electrical, granite and potentially framing information. 





Install Date


Cabinets should be installed as late in the construction process as possible. In most cases the cost of cabinets is nearly the cost of a brand new car. If a brand new car were placed in a home under construction it would most likely receive the same damages our cabinets often receive. Much like the car dealer, we are not liable for damages caused post install. Installed cabinets are considered real property and as such become the liability of the current owner of the home. 


Competing trades


If due to any construction or other trade issues we are required to return to a job we will charge a $300 return trip fee. Examples of possible issues: incorrect plumbing, incorrect electrical, flooring still being laid, any other trade impeding the ability to install in any area. However, if the issue can be resolved within the time it takes to install the other portions of the job and does not impede installation time no charge will be issued.



Cabinet inspection


We will notify the client/contractor when we have completed each portion of the installation. We allow the client/contractor to inspect the cabinets immediately upon installation to ensure quality. If the client/contractor is not available or does not wish to make this inspection we will take photos of the installed cabinets to prove their state post install. We are not liable for any damages post install. 


Trade Damages


Damage is often caused by other trades. If cabinets are placed too early in the construction process damage WILL occur. Although our Polyurethane finish is strong it will not stand up to the wear and tear of a home under construction. Unlike paint, Conversion Varnishes cannot be touched up. Each part that is damaged must be sanded to raw wood and refinished or replaced. We are not liable for any damages post install.


Home Temperature


We CANNOT and WILL NOT install any cabinets before the home is temperature controlled (AC/Heating functioning and running). Due to the nature of hardwood it will expand and contract if inclement weather is involved. This will cause cracks and breaks in the finish and warping of large doors/panels etc.. We are not liable for any damages post install. 




Flooring must be in place prior to cabinet installation. 


Punch lists and Touch up


We will take care of all items discussed during our walkthroughs with the clients and contractors. We are willing to assist in fixing any damages post walkthrough. We will bill the charges for these fixes to the client or contractor.

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