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We require a 50% deposit for all cabinet projects. Jobs will not and cannot be added to our calendar until deposit has been made. Due to the integral part that cabinets play in the planning of the home we require a deposit and your cooperation as early in the building process as possible; preferably at or before ground break.


The remaining 50% will be due upon cabinet project installation. If the house project is delayed more than 30 days past initial estimated cabinet install date, therefore delaying the possibility cabinet installation, 40% of the initial total must be payed; leaving a final 10% due upon installation.





Design Meetings


We require three-one hour design meetings per project. Please schedule two weeks in advance per meeting. Please bring photos, samples or any other helpful objects or people to these meetings. We welcome contractors and other subs who would like to attend these meetings to help the building process move more efficiently. To get acquainted with our work please visit our website to see our work prior to the meeting www.prestigewoodworks.com.


The first meeting should be scheduled as soon as the decision to use our services has been made. We require the client to be prepared with the following during this meeting:

  • 50% deposit if we have not yet received it

  • Wood and color type ideas

  • Door style ideas

  • Color ideas

  • Handle and hardware ideas

  • Hood designs (if applicable)

  • Sink type. Farmhouse or standard

  • Estimated install date


The second meeting should be scheduled during the first meeting. This will allow the client a short amount of time (a couple weeks) to find their final decisions on the following:

  • Final stain and color choices

  • Final door and trim style choices

  • Final hardware choices

  • Final hood design choices (if applicable)

  • Final dimensional choices on custom items (ie. floating shelf height)

  • Appliance Specs are required during this meeting.

  • Any farmhouse sink must be purchased before this meeting. Please have the sink specs available during this meeting and have the sink delivered to Prestige.

  • Estimated install date


The third and final meeting will be held shortly after framing is 100% complete and we have made our final measurements. There should be no changes after this meeting and no missing information for the manufacturing process. During this meeting we will accomplish/require the following:

  • Review all changes made due to framing

  • We will provide and sign off color samples

  • We will provide hood sketches (if applicable)

  • Finalize and sign off all cabinet design

  • Estimated install date


To avoid prolonging the construction process we will not allow changes to be made after the third and final design meeting. If some sort of change is required the following will be charged:

  • If changes are requested before doors have been ordered there will be a $100 change order fee plus an hourly rate of $50 charged for all time spent regarding the change.

  • If changes are requested after doors have been ordered there will be a $200 change order fee plus the cost of the replacement doors needed for the change and an hourly rate of $50 charged for all time spent regarding the change.

  • If changes are requested during the manufacturing process there will be a $300 change order fee plus the cost of the replacement doors needed for the change and an hourly rate of $100 charged for all time spent regarding the change.








Color Choices


We only provide paint and stain samples after the customer has finalized their choices on colors. When final color decisions have been made and given to us we will then make samples with our product to be viewed and signed off by the customer. If the customer has a certain stain or paint color in mind but does not have a paint name or code, we require a physical sample to match. If any paint color choice is changed after we have ordered a match we will charge a $200 fee to cover the cost of the materials.











We require the handle choice to be made during the design meetings. We have access to any handles that you have access to and most likely can get them at a better price. We We do not charge MSRP for our handles, we charge wholesale rates so we can get  you a great handle at a great price. We also charge a very minimal price to attach the handles because we are able to place them very quickly and efficiently during the manufacturing process.


If the client, contractor or designer insists on ordering their own handles the process will go as follows:

  • We will eliminate our handle allowance from your bid.

  • We will not install any handles purchased by homeowner or contractor.

  • We can provide you with the cabinet installation companies information for you to schedule with them to install the handles. If they are not willing it will be up to the homeowner or contractor to find someone to install them.

  • Our installers charge anywhere from $1.00 per knob to $3.00 per handle depending on sizing and hole types. It will be up to the homeowner or contractor to pay the installer directly for any handle installation.

  • If you schedule with the installer the handles MUST be ready to install when the cabinets are installed. If they are not at the home the day of cabinet installation with explicit instructions on where and how the handles are to be installed the installers will charge a return trip fee of $300 to return to the home.











Due to the custom nature of hoods they are priced separately based on the type and species of hood. Our paint grade prices START from $1,900 for a square style hood, $2,690 for an angled style hood and $3,400 for a curved hood. Custom hardwood hoods will incur the additional costs of the species chosen. The price of the hood will be determined when the final hood design is signed off with the customer.









Appliance Specs


We require appliance specs to be delivered during the bidding stages. It is impossible for us to create a realistic representation of your kitchen without the proper information. If information is given later it can cause issues trying to fit appliances in areas that do not fit. If a rangetop is to be used we require the thickness of the countertop to be used in the kitchen. Without this information we cannot and will not proceed to build cabinets for your home.


Bid does not include appliance panels. Price of panels will be added if and when appliance specs are delivered to Prestige Woodworks.

No sinks or appliances are included in our bids. We currently do not supply these items.


Unless specifically mentioned in bid details, wood tops are not included in bid. Please request any that you would like.









Sink Type


Our sink bases are designed to fit standard sized sinks per the rooms that they are located in. Please check to make sure your sink selections will fit in the cabinets/areas that they are designated for. If any sink base needs to be adjusted to fit a larger sink please notify us during the bidding stages so that we can effortlessly make the changes needed. If a farmhouse sink of any kind is to be used we will need notification during the bidding stages. We require that the farmhouse sink be delivered to Prestige Woodworks as early as possible so that we can custom fit  the sink into the cabinet. Although the sink may come with specs and claim that they are square this is never the case. They are nearly all angled and without a custom fit cabinet they will look poor.








Final Measurements


Please schedule with us at least a week in advance to measure and mark the home for plumbing and electrical. We require the necessary framing for our final measurements to be completed before our arrival. If it is not and we are asked to come measure for the sake of other trades we will charge a return trip fee of $300 each time we are required to return to the site to gather the remaining information or give any to other trades.











We CANNOT and WILL NOT warranty any cabinets that are installed before the home is acclimated with the AC/Heating functioning and running. Due to the nature of hardwood it will expand and contract if inclement weather is involved. This will cause cracks and breaks in the finish and warping of large doors/panels etc.. Damage is often caused by other trades as well. If cabinets are placed too early in the construction process damage WILL occur. Although our Conversion Varnish is a strong finish it will not stand up to the wear and tear of a home under construction. Unlike paint, Conversion Varnishes cannot be touched up. Each part that is damaged must be sanded to raw wood and refinished or replaced.


Flooring must be in place prior to cabinet installation. If we are required to install pre flooring and shim to flooring height there will be a $5.00 per cabinet charge to shim them and a return trip charge of $300 to return to the job site to apply toe kick and resolve any other problems caused by installing pre flooring. If, due to installing pre flooring, we are forced to create any kind of trim to cover gaps and cracks it will be charged as a change order.


If due to any construction or trade issues we are required to return to a job we will charge a $300 return trip fee. Examples of possible issues: incorrect plumbing, incorrect electrical, flooring still being laid, any other trade impeding the ability to install in any area. However, if the issue can be resolved within the time it takes to install the other portions of the job and does not impede installation time no charge will be issued.


Punch lists and Touch up

We have now included one punch list trip, post install, to the project for minor fixes and touch ups. Any serious damage incurred by other trades that requires any of the following will be charged $100 per hour plus cost: multiple trips, purchasing replacement parts, any more than 5 hours of labor. Any and all of these items will be billed directly to the homeowner or contractor.

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