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Employee Requirements

What We Offer

At Prestige woodworks we expect a lot out of our employees. In return we offer more than a job.


At Prestige we are and we offer the following:


  • Small business who cares about their employees.

  • Offers to grow and develop with the company.

  • Team based and focused employment.

  • Leadership and self development time.

  • Scheduled lunches with the owners.

  • Competitive pay.

  • Raise incentives.

  • Up to 10 paid vacation days per year. 

  • First Friday Funday!

Pay and Hours
  • Our current pay scale is an hourly/salary based pay. You will be given an hourly rate and paid for an 8 hour day regardless of how long/short it takes to accomplish the quota for the day.

  • We offer a raise based on a 25% profit share for the increase of the quota. This equates to roughly $50 per day divided by the number of employees, divided by 8 hours per point value increased on the quota. (Depending on the number of employees it averages out to be a $0.30 per hour raise per cabinet)

  • Installers have a pay scale based on the average cabinets installed per day by the installer/installers.

  • We also offer raises based on individual progress and development within the business. 

What We Expect
  • Arrive at work on time ready to work.

  • Come to work with a Lean Improvement project in mind and work diligently during LIT time to accomplish it.

  • Lead one morning meeting per rotation of team members.

  • Prepare prior to your morning meeting and inspire us.

  • Actively participate in others morning meetings (no phones, no meals, no sleeping etc).

  • Learn every skill in the shop from design to construction.

  • Work hard to develop each skill and progress in your abilities.

  • Develop a keen sense of situational awareness and time management.

  • No down time. If you have nothing to do find the best thing to do.

  • Develop problem solving skills.

  • Contribute innovative ideas on a regular basis (3s regularly).

  • Be a team player.

  • No gossip or crap talk about ANYONE.

  • Limit lunch and breaks to scheduled times.

  • Complete all daily tasks before leaving.

  • Clean up before leaving.

  • Strive to be a pacesetter not a follower.

  • Limit cell phone use to breaks and lunches.

  • Care for the tools and equipment as if they were your own.

  • Maintain a clean and well organized work environment.

  • Maintain the highest standard of quality.

  • Give at least 2 weeks notice for vacation (preferably more).

  • Drug use will not be tolerated

  • Theft will not be tolerated

  • Better and develop yourself both at work and outside of work.

  • Read at least the one required book per month.

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