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Our Dream

Sample cabinets located in our showroom

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Wood is our passion. While we may be a manufacturing company our hearts lay in true craftsmanship. We strive to make our cabinets in the truest craftsman style and the highest quality while meeting current construction trends. We are constantly evolving the way we build our cabinets to stay ahead of our competitors. We only use the best and highest quality materials, hardware and finishes. We are always thinking of new ways to make our cabinets nothing short of the best. However the more time we spend improving our processes the more we realize how much better they could be. From the building materials to the finishes, our idea of quality is never quite met.

Most of the materials used to build cabinetry have been through multiple processes before they reach our hands. From sheet goods with thin veneers feigning real wood to kiln dried hardwood, man has created process upon process to attempt to make cabinet building faster or easier but all the while losing the beauty and quality of natural wood.

Traditional finishes are created to give a tough protective coat but come with flaws. First and foremost these finishes are made up of long lists of harmful chemicals, many of which are illegal in some states. While we use some of the toughest finishes around, they are still easily damaged. Once damaged these finishes are not easily repaired.

As we have evolved in our journey towards lean manufacturing we realize more and more the amount of time and waste that goes into creating traditional cabinetry. Modern day cabinets are riddled with hundreds, even thousands of processes to create the finished product. Most of these processes are only necessary to cover up the flaws from the prior process which then lead to more processes!

Our goal and dream is to create all hardwood cabinets with all natural finishes. Using naturally acclimated hardwood and all natural wax and oil finishes we know we can create the most beautiful artisan cabinets and eliminate thousands of quality diminishing processes that for some reason are accepted as industry standards.

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